Welcome to the CustomScoop Blog

By October 25, 2006 August 31st, 2014 No Comments

For the past 6 years, CustomScoop has been quietly delivering fast, timely, and accurate online news clippings for customers interested in public relations, marketing, sales, competitive intelligence, government relations, and more.  Our talented team of developers and customer service professionals ensure that our clients get the highest quality service day in and day out.  CustomScoop searches news sites, government web sites, and blogs. 

But until today we haven’t had a blog to share in a more public way information about our product developments, company happenings, and news and views about the industry in which we exist.

Today that changes.  I’m proud about everything our team has accomplished since I founded the company, and now I want to make sure we’re doing a better job of communicating our successes and challenges.

The CustomScoop blog will be a group effort by Sara Adams, Steve Bracy, and me.  We’ll talk about the exciting things we’re working on and we’ll provide plenty of links to interesting blog posts and news stories about the media monitoring and measurement and PR industries. 

We’re excited about the opportunity to communicate more directly with our audience and share our insight and observations.  Let the dialogue begin!