We’re pleased to introduce a completely new version of the CustomScoop media monitoring platform.

For the first time since the original CustomScoop was introduced in 2000, this edition has been re-written from the ground up.

Enjoy an Improved Interface

The latest web interface technologies have been used to provide a visually compelling and user-friendly experience in the new CustomScoop.

Or to put it more simply: the new CustomScoop just feels more modern.

Generate Reports Faster

We use the latest technologies to deliver dramatic performance improvements to the customizable dashboard.

Whether you’re charting clips from the last year or just checking out your daily coverage, you will notice at least a 10X speed increase.

Build Custom Dashboards

You can create analytics dashboards with simple drag-and-drop tools that allow you to select, position, and size individual widgets.

At a glance, you can track the metrics that matter to your communications objectives.

Create Executive Briefings

The new CustomScoop includes one of the easiest, most flexible executive news briefing tools available.

We know that most of our customers share media coverage with clients and colleagues — and it’s now easier than ever to do it well.

Search More Languages

The new CustomScoop platform gives users access to more outlets in more languages than ever before.

Now you can dig deep into coverage from Chinese, Arabic, Russian, and other media sources.

Group Similar Coverage

Wire stories and syndicated content can easily overwhelm typical media monitoring reports.

CustomScoop now combines similar stories and weeds out irrelevant duplicate content so that you can see how far a story reached without cluttering your account.

Filter More Flexibly

Adjust your filtering criteria on the fly with the always-available sidebar that lets you drill down to just the data you want to see.

We know that slicing-and-dicing your media coverage quickly matters, so we made it as easy as possible.

Experience Better Screening

Automated media monitoring of online sources often results in false positive matches, but the new CustomScoop search algorithm ensures greater accuracy than ever before.

Now you can spend more time analyzing and less time cleaning.

Access Print Coverage

As part of the CARMA family, CustomScoop has access to a global network of print media monitoring providers at competitive costs.

You can now add coverage of offline newspaper and magazine content from across town or on the other side of the world.

Create Multiple Projects

Agency and enterprise users often benefit from segmenting media coverage from different clients, brands, or products.

The new CustomScoop makes it simple to accomplish this — all while using a single sign-on approach to make it convenient for all of your users.