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Go Beyond Positive, Negative & Neutral

By October 2, 2009 August 31st, 2014 No Comments

One of my favorite unsung features in our Media Monitoring product ClipIQ is our Ratings Manager.  We built the Ratings Managers from the feedback we received from our customers who wanted a more flexible solution when they were rating their clips.  Instead of the basic, “Positive, Negative & Neutral”, they wanted something more flexible and more powerful.  For the basic needs of some customers, the default of “Positive, Negative & Neutral” is enough.  But, for those power users who want to customize not only the Rating Name, but also the color, well, the Rating Manager is the tool for you!

Ratings Manager.png

Our Ratings Manager allows for complete customization of name and color.  You can pick your color off a color palette, or for the true techies, you can even enter the “Hex” color code of the color you want.  Very cool stuff!

And, as you would expect, the color choices you made in your Ratings Manager flow through to the Analytical Charts you create:

Ratings Pie Chart.pngThis is just one of the many features found within our ClipIQ Media Monitoring solution.  If you want to learn more about this feature or want to just test drive the product, we offer a no obligation 14 Day Free Trial.