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For those solo PR pros…

By December 15, 2010 August 31st, 2014 No Comments

We’re proud to offer a powerful yet still reasonably priced media monitoring platform, and the fair pricing model is one reason we are fortunate to serve a number of solo Public Relations practitioners.

This is a group that we love to work with, and we spend time researching what individual practitioners need from a monitoring platform. Truth be told, it’s not that different than what any other company or agency wants from a monitoring platform: fast, accurate results from traditional and social media channels; a robust set of tools to help analyze, export, and report the data; and offer those things at a fair price.

The Solo PR Pro Twitter chat, hosted by Kellye Crane, is a great spot to listen and learn–so, if you’re a CustomScoop client with your own PR/Marketing practice and you haven’t participated in her chat, I encourage you to put it on your calendar for next year (the last chat for this year was held today). And, if you’re interested in the community, please take a moment to respond to Kellye’s survey.