Are you getting the most out of your media monitoring service? Do you want ideas about how to enhance your monitoring and analysis of traditional and social media?

Chip Griffin, CustomScoop’s founder, has distilled two decades of media monitoring advice into a simple guide to help you make sure you’re getting the most from your investment.

This free e-Book will teach you how to:

  • Configure Your Account. Set up your search criteria, schedule alerts, and tailor your account to get the most out of whatever service you choose.
  • Use Your Reports. Using charts and analytics, you can turn your raw data into actionable intelligence that will help improve your ROI.
  • Leverage Your Content. Take advantage of your media monitoring results to improve outreach and support a robust content marketing program.

About the Author
Chip Griffin has more than two decades of experience in public relations, with a special emphasis on leveraging technology for more effective communications.